Lohengrin in Danish
Once in a while a unique Wagner recording emerges like this 1953 performance from the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen. It’s the only recorded Wagner opera I’m aware of that is sung in Danish. The conductor is Erich Kleiber, the father of Carlos Kleiber. Erich Kleiber didn’t have the genius of his son but he could conduct nearly everything on a very high level. First the good news. The sound is remarkably clear and the cast is top notch. Birgit Nilsson is said to have claimed that Erik Sjøberg was one of her favorite tenor partners. Unfortunately Sjøberg is not very well documented. At least now we have his Lohengrin and we can understand why Nilsson thought so highly of him. Erik Sjøberg is a true Heldentenor with a beautiful voice. Dorothy Larsen (Elsa) and Lillian Weber Hansen (Ortrud) are in no way inferior to him. Now the bad news. The recording is not complete. About 1/3 of the first and 1/2 of the second act are missing. Act three is complete however.
Highly recommended.

Lohengrin Erich Kleiber Kopenhagen 1953


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