Complete List of All Known Bayreuth Recordings
There are a lot of fake Bayreuth recordings floating around. With fake I mean that the date, the cast or both don’t match the recording. E. g. more than ten times I got an alleged second Dutchman from the 1965 Bayreuth festival with Hans Hotter instead of Thomas Stewart as the dutchman. The date given usually is August 8, 1965, which is correct, on this day Hotter sang the title role. However as it turned out it was always the performance from August 4 with Thomas Stewart. In the early days it was not unusual the Bayerische Rundfunk actually transmitted two performances of the same opera, usually when there was a cast change in the principal role(s). However this is not the case for the Dutchman from 1965. A second Fliegender Holländer with Hotter (unfortunately) doesn’t exist!

Usually the intention is not to fool you. Somebody gets a Bayreuth recording with an incomplete date or cast and then he tries to complement the missing information. This might or might not work out. If not we all of a sudden have a “second” recording of the same opera from that year. I have seen recordings from the 1959 Tristan with four different dates (that exactly the number of times Tristan was given in that year) when in fact there is only one Tristan recording from 1959 available.

To resolve the mess I compiled a list with all known Bayreuth recordings. This would not have been possible without the help of Mark. He searched the archive of the Bayerischen Rundfunk and gave me a list of his findings. So we have a solid foundation what performances the BR taped and on which date. Additionally to the BR broadcasts there are the commercial releases from the big recording companies like EMI, Decca, Philips and more and more in-house recordings.

Please note that the list only covers the Post-World-War-Two period. If you have any additions, corrections, comments or if you have a list of the Bayreuth recordings before 1945 please let me know.

For the complete list of all Bayreuth recordings klick here. To give you easy access to the list I have included it in top header menu as well.



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