Das Rheingold

Erich Kleiber
Orquesta del Teatro Colón Buenos Aires
7 August 1947
Teatro Colón Buenos Aires
Recording Type
  live  studio
  live compilation  live and studio
WotanHerbert Janssen
DonnerAngelo Mattiello
FrohHumberto di Toto
LogeSet Svanholm
FasoltJorge Dantón
FafnerEmanuel List
AlberichFred Destal
MimeRoberto Maggiolo
FrickaElsa Cavelti
FreiaNilda Hoffmann
ErdaLydia Kindermann
WoglindeAmanda Cetera
WellgundeClara Oyuela
FloßhildeNorma Palmieri
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What a pity! It would be wonderful to report that this newly found (at least to me) Rheingold from 1947, led by Erich Kleiber at his home-away-from-home in Argentina–and in vaguely listenable sound–was worth buying. But it has a problem that can’t be overlooked: the whole performance has been transferred a half-tone sharp. Granted, this makes for nice quick listening (it comes in at two hours and 14 minutes), with bright voices, but, let’s face it–it’s entirely distorted and out of the running. What you hear is that Herbert Janssen is a potent, arrogant, tireless Wotan; the Alberich of Fred Destal is nicely grimy; Elsa Cavelti’s Fricka is second-rate; and Set Svanholm’s Loge is terrific and energetic. But it’s unrecommendable! Were it in correct pitch, the rating may have been an eight. As it stands now, it’s entertaining and gives us an idea of what Kleiber was up to in ’47 (and quite a storyteller he was!); but, as they say, fuggedaboudit.

Artistic Quality: 5
Sound Quality: 3

Robert Levine

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Gebhardt, HO, OD, Line
Technical Specifications
388 kbit/s VBR, 44.1 kHz, 429 MByte (flac)
A production by Otto Erhardt