Tristan und Isolde

Jonel Perlea
New York Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra
17 December 1949
Metropolitan Opera New York
Recording Type
  live  studio
  live compilation  live and studio
TristanLauritz Melchior
IsoldeHelen Traubel
BrangäneBlanche Thebom
KurwenalHerbert Janssen
König MarkeMihály Szekély
MelotEmery Darcy
Ein junger SeemannLeslie Chabay
Ein HirtPeter Klein
SteuermannPhilip Kinsman
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Media Type/Label
Archipel, OOA, TOL
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Technical Specifications
293 kbit/s VBR, 44.1 kHz, 461 MiB (flac)
Matinee broadcast
A production by Joseph Urban (1920)
There are cuts in this performance: in Act 2, Scene 2, from “Dem Tage! Dem Tage!” (Tristan) to “dass nachtsichtig mein Auge wahres zu sehen tauge” (Tristan), and from “Tag und Tod” (Isolde) to “Tristan der Tod gegeben?” (Isolde); in Scene 3 from “Wozu die Dienste ohne Zahl” to “Da liess er’s denn so sein” (King Marke); and in Act 3, Scene 1, from “Isolde noch im Reich der Sonne!” to “die selbst Nachts von ihr mich scheuchte?” (Tristan), from “Muss ich dich so versteh’n” to “Zu welchem Los?” (Tristan), from “Die nie erstirbt” to “Der Trank! Der Trank! der furchtbare Trank!” (Tristan), and from “Gebrochen der Blick!” to “Nur einmal noch” (Isolde). Act One Prelude: 10′ 47″; Act One complete: 76′ 55″; Act Two: 55′ 34″; Act Three: 57′ 55″. There are technical flaws in the CDs including a number (approximately 5) of two-second silences between tracks. (Jonathan Brown).