Tristan und Isolde

Luigi Toffolo
Coro e Orchestra del Teatro Comunale “Giuseppe Verdi” di Trieste
13 December 1969
Teatro Comunale Trieste
Recording Type
  live  studio
  live compilation  live and studio
TristanClaude Heater
IsoldeCatarina Ligendza
BrangäneSylvia Anderson
KurwenalAntonín Švorc
König MarkeMalcolm Smith
MelotLucio Rolli
Ein junger SeemannGiuseppe Botta
Ein HirtDario Zerial
SteuermannVito Susca

Tristan und lsolde (December 13) returned after an absence of eight years, conducted for the first time by Luigi Toffolo, the theatre’s present artistic director. Exhaustive study of the score and numerous rehearsals enabled him to achieve a first-rate performance, and he was aided by an excellent cast.

Soprano Catarina Ligendza, a vocally and dramatically experienced Isolde, was partnered by Claude Heater as Tristan. Luigi Samaritani designed the fine sets and costumes while Gian Carlo Menotti was responsible for the production.

February 1970

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Melodram 37072
Technical Specifications
490 kbit/s VBR, 44.1 kHz, 676 MByte (flac)
A production by Gian Carlo Menotti
There are cuts in this performance: in Act 2, Scene 2, from “Dem Tage! Dem Tage!” (Tristan) to “dass nachtsichtig mein Auge wahres zu sehen tauge” (Tristan), and from “Tag und Tod mit gleichen Streichen” (Isolde) to “ewig ihr nur zu leben?” (Tristan); and in Act 3, Scene 1, from “Isolde noch im Reich der Sonne!” to “die selbst Nachts von ihr mich scheuchte?” (Tristan), from “Der Trank! Der Trank! der furchtbare Trank!” to “den Wonne schlürfend je ich genossen” (Tristan), and in Scene 2, from “Isolde ruft” to “Nicht meine Klagen darf ich dir sagen?” (Isolde). [Jonathan Brown]