Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Otto Klemperer
Chorus and Orchestra of the Budapest State Opera
11 April 1949
State Opera Budapest
Recording Type
  live   studio
  live compilation   live and studio
Hans Sachs György Losonczy
Veit Pogner Mihály Székely
Kunz Vogelgesang Lászlo Külkey
Konrad Nachtigall Lajos Katona
Sixtus Beckmesser Oszkár Maleczky
Fritz Kothner István Koszó
Balthasar Zorn József Jóviczky
Ulrich Eißlinger Lajos Somogyvári
Augustin Moser Gyula Toronyi
Hermann Ortel Pál Rissay
Hans Schwartz Endre Várhelyi
Hans Foltz Ervin Galsay
Walther von Stolzing József Simándy
David János Sárdy
Eva Júlia Osváth
Magdalene Mária Budanovits
Ein Nachtwächter Lajos Tóth

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Wagner’s Die Meistersinger sung in Hungarian, these excerpts from a live 1949 Hungarian State Opera production more than fit the bill. Some of the singing is quite good. György Losonczy makes a commanding Hans Sachs, although the Pogner, Mihály Székely, has the more individual voice. Jozsef Simandy’s solid, lyrical Walther is partnered by Julia Osváth’s unmemorable Eva. The second-rate Hungarian State Opera orchestra is galvanized by Otto Klemperer’s vital hand, from the flexible sweep of the Act One Prelude to the sensitive pacing of the more intimate, conversational scenes. Those who associate Klemperer with the monolithic tempos and granite-like will that characterized his later studio recordings are in for a surprise. Although this release (once available on Hungaraton LPs, and seemingly remastered with a dash of stereo spread) has limited appeal to general audiences, listeners of a more specialist and scholarly bent will be glad to know it’s in print again. Informative notes are included, but no texts or translations.

Artistic Quality: 8
Sound Quality: 3

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32 bkit/s, 22.05 kHz, 50 MByte (MP3)
About 1/4 of act 3 is missing. If you have a complete recording, please let me know.
Sung in Hungarian