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      I have searched high & low for the Ultimate ‘Ring’.
      – good sound (post-1970)
      – competent singers
      – understanding conducting

      I have found the following unacceptable so far:
      – Karl Boehm – sacrilegiously fast tempi. Too bad, otherwise a freat candidate.
      – Furtwaengler – Walkuere only – the ultimate performance in voiceand conducting but poor sound.
      – Other pre-1970 Bayreuth performances – poor sound
      – Gergiev – Rheingold & Walkuere only – conducting somewhat deficient
      – Solti – can’t hear the singers. Try hearing Mime (“Zwangvolle Plage! Mueh ohne Zweck!”) at the beginning of Siegfried! Fie on John Culshaw! No wonder Birgit refused any further studio performances.
      – I am sticking with my DVD rip of Levine/Met. Good old Jimmy.

      Any suggestions? Is the Stein/Vienna Opera one available anywhere?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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