Der fliegende Holländer

Christof Perick
Chor und Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin
25 May 1993
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Recording Type
  live   studio
  live compilation   live and studio
Daland Bengt Rundgren
Senta Edda Moser
Erik John David de Haan
Mary Ruth Hesse
Der Steuermann Dalands Uwe Peper
Der Holländer Robert Hale
Stage director ?
Set designer ?
TV director

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This might be quite a fine production but it’s hard to judge because of the poor image quality. At least the sound is good and the singing is appealing.

User Rating
Media Type/Label
HO DVDm434
Technical Specifications
352×256, 1311 kbit/s, 1.1 GByte, 4:3 (MPEG-4)
Small and wiggly picture, good sound.
In-house recording
I’m not sure the cast list is correct.