Der Ring des Nibelungen

Jonathan Khuner
Pacific Northwest Opera Orchestra
3 May 2019
McIntyre Hall Mt Vernon
Recording Type
  live   studio
  live compilation   live and studio
Wotan Hunter Enoch
Froh Robert McPherson
Loge Stephen Rumph
Fasolt Michael Drumheller
Fafner James Harrington
Alberich Andy Papas
Mime Robert McPherson
Fricka Julia Benzinger
Freia Jennifer Bromagen
Woglinde Merideth Marano
Wellgunde Jordan McClellan
Floßhilde Alexandra Hollerman
Siegmund Benjamin Sloman
Sieglinde Merideth Marano
Hunding James Harrington
Brünnhilde Corinna Quiliam
Waldvogel Jennifer Bromagen
Gunther Michael Drumheller
Gutrune Merideth Marano
Hagen James Harrington
Stage director Mitchell Kahn (premiere)
Set designer Steven Johnson (projections)
TV director Steven Johnson
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Technical Specifications
854×480, 497 kbit/s, 729 MByte (MPEG-4)
Video produced by PNO
A one-evening reduction of the 4-opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen created by Mitchell Kahn, with additional orchestration by Jonathan Khuner.
The video from the performance nine days later has a much better picture and sound quality.