Otmar Suitner at the Teatro Municipal de Caracas
In 1965 the East-German maestro Otmar Suitner gave same guest performances in Venezuela. Two of these performances from Caracas, Tristan und Isolde and Tannhäuser, were recorded. What makes these recordings interesting is this. Suitner had a high-caliber cast at his disposal. Birgit Nilsson sung Elisabeth and Venus in Tannhäuser, Wolfram was given by the American bass-baritone Thomas Stewart and Tristan und Isolde featured Birgit Nilsson and Jess Thomas in the title roles. From a radio broadcast recorded in the Sixties in South America you probably expect a poor sound. However, far from it. The sound is remarkably clear. So the very good cast and the fine sound makes both recordings well worth hearing.

Tannhäuser Otmar Suitner Caracas 1965

Tristan und Isolde Suitner Caracas 1965


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