New Bayreuth recordings
Most Wagner music lovers are especially interested in recordings from Bayreuth, the Bayreuth myth obviously still hasn’t lost his appeal. There have been six recordings from Bayreuth added to the list that were not available before.

Holländer Schneider 1982
The Harry Kupfer staging of the Holländer ran from 1978 to 1985 with pretty much the same cast. Senta and the Dutchman were always sung by Lisbeth Balslev and Simon Estes. Here in this 1982 recordings they are neither better nor worse than in the other years. And that’s the problem. Der fliegende Holländer is doomed to failure without a convincing Senta and Dutchman. Balslev and Estes are not what you expect in Bayreuth. Even small opera houses often have better singers for these two demanding roles. The remaining cast is pretty good though (fine Daland by Matti Salminen).

Der fliegende Holländer Peter Schneider Bayreuth 1982

Meistersinger Stein 1983
Stein like Schneider is not the most thrilling conductor but he is very solid and reliable that’s why he had a long career in Bayreuth. The cast of this 1983 Meistersinger performance is not stellar but good to very good. Prey and Weikl are a joy to listen to and Siegfried Jerusalem is one of the better Stolzings. All in all a recording worth listening to.

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Peter Stein Bayreuth 1983

In-house recordings from 2012
In 2012 five Wagner operas were given in Bayreuth (Holländer, Tristan, Lohengrin, Tannhäuser and Parsifal). From all of them radio broadcast exists and were available before. However now in-house recordings of all the operas from 2012 appeared. It’s taken from different performances than the broadcasts but the cast is the same. The quality of these recordings is very good. However if you already have the broadcasts it doesn’t add anything new. Four of these in-house recordings are available now (Parsifal is coming later).

Der fliegende Holländer Christian Thielemann Bayreuth 2012
Tristan und Isolde Peter Schneider Bayreuth 2012
Lohengrin Andris Nelsons Bayreuth 2012
Tannhäuser Christian Thielemann Bayreuth 2012


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