Der Ring des Nibelungen completed
I just finished the audio section of Der Ring des Nibelungen. You may have noticed that the cast list is missing. It’s too arduous to give the cast list twice, once for the Ring des Nibelungen and once for the individual parts. So the cast list will follow when I do Rheingold, Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung. The drawback at the moment is of course that there is no complete cast list for the Ring entries. If you download a Ring recording you will obviously get a cast list with it.

Usually I would do now the video section of the Ring and follow with the individual parts. However interest in the videos is not high (given the currently poor staging this is no surprise) and there is an ardent longing for Parsifal. Therefore I will do next the audio section for Parsifal and then return to the individual parts of Der Ring des Nibelungen.


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