Armin Jordan
Choeur Philharmonique de Prague
Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo
29 June – 3 July, 6 – 9 July 1981
Palais du Congrès Monte Carlo
Recording Type
  live  studio
  live compilation  live and studio
AmfortasWolfgang Schöne
TiturelHans Tschammer
GurnemanzRobert Lloyd
ParsifalReiner Goldberg
KlingsorSiegmund Nimsgern
KundryYvonne Minton
GralsritterPaul Frey
Gilles Cachemaille
Stage director
Set designerWerner Achman
TV directorHans Jürgen Syberberg

Armin Jordan’s “Parsifal” is a bit of a letdown with some murky orchestral sounds and generally off-form soloists – unfortunately some great names such as Robert Lloyd and Aage Haugland could certainly have done much better. The early digital recording is also quite blurred although at the end the music picks up considerable momentum. However there are a host of excellent recordings of this particular version of the opera both on DVD and CD so this is not wholeheartedly recommended.

Gerald Fenech | 2010

This work always sounds best recorded ‘live’ in Bayreuth, but this recording, made as a soundtrack for Hans-Jürgen’s Syberberg’s extraordinary film, is very fine if not overwhelming.

Michael Tanner | 20 January 2012

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Media Type/Label
Image Entertainment
Technical Specifications
720×480, 2.1 Mbit/s, 3.8 GMByte, 4:3 (MPEG-4)
Movie with actors
Also available as commercial audio release